Sonia Miller

Speaker, Coach, & Author

Receive What You Want - 3 Hard-Work Habits You Must Unlearn to Release Struggle and Welcome Your Fulfillment with Ease

Sonia Miller

If my work were a delicious cake you might say it was one part professional development, one part real-world application, and one part school of hard knocks. All bound together with my innate wiring as a relentless seeker.

Professionally, I hold a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and a Masters degree in Social Work. My careers have taken me from transacting $25 million dollar trades on the New York Stock Exchange to working as a Spanish speaking social worker with Latino migrant farmworker families and young girls in low-income schools. I’m an ordained minister and have engaged deeply in cross-disciplinary research and training in relationships, energy psychology, program development, leadership training and personal achievement.

I’ve used my life as a grand laboratory putting everything I've learned to the test. As a result I overcame many obstacles to heal from bulimia, write an international best-seller - The Attraction Distraction: Why the Law of Attraction Isn't Working for Your and How to Get Results - Finally!, got married when I thought it would never happen for me, overcome infertility to have boy/girl twins, own an award-winning vineyard, and transform my career to build a successful purpose-driven business now celebrating its 20th year.

I entered the School of Hard Knocks the day my soul took over my training program and served up a whoop-ass cocktail of adversity that challenged everything I thought I knew about power: 4 years of caregiving for my mother through cancer, unexpected divorce, law suit and loss of assets, to name a few. This was the stake in the ground moment that demanded I practice everything I’d learned since that fateful day in the brokerage firm. My life and my kids’ lives depended on it.

That chapter of life saturated every molecule in my being with the wisdom of all I’d studied and practiced. I rebuilt my life in ways I could not have imagined. Today my kids are thriving, I’m immersed in deep love. I know peace, I get to work with women like you, and most importantly I live from the deepest knowing that my power, peace and well-being is not contingent upon anything in my outer world.

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