Renee Blodgett and Anthony Compagnone

Channels, Healers, & Founders of Blue Soul Earth

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Renee & Anthony

Founders of Blue Soul Earth, healers and channelers Renee Blodgett and Anthony Compagnone ignite global consciousness one soul at a time. Their work is done through channeling Ascended Masters from higher dimensions, content, workshops, circles, energy clearing & healing as well as leading trips to ‘sacred’ destinations around the world, where they channel on-site. They act as vessels so “Ascended Masters” can come through to heal and elevate the vibration of everyone in the room Unique in the world of mediumship, Anthony is a full embodied channel, who is clairvoyant, claircognizant and clairtangent. He speaks five languages, is a credited CCC-SLP, a yogi, a specialist in “Prana Yama” (Art of Breath Control) and a Martial Arts teacher. As an intuitive and empath, Renee is clairsentient, claircognizant and psychographic. Having lived in 11 countries and traveled to over 90, she is passionate about cultures & customs, particularly how they integrate higher consciousness & energy healing. She founded two online magazines, which include insights from renowned spiritual teachers, wellness & healing, events and spiritual destinations. In addition to channeling, this twin flame duo combines various healing modalities in their work including Reiki, crystals and gemstones, Akashic Record readings, as well as Chakra & Aura clearing and balancing. They also teach about Universal Consciousness, Heart-Centered Living and our Human Existence. Their hope is that you can embrace a life truly guided by your Higher Self. There is no religious dogma in their work and teachings – it is about embracing everyone’s diverse gifts & honoring all walks of life.

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